UPSs (Uninterruptible power supplies - uninterruptible power sources) are equipment that protect your devices from data loss and damage caused by overvoltage or blackouts. The latest models of UPS allow the regulation of the flow of energy transmitted through sockets, telephone lines and coaxial cables, used for connecting to the Internet or distributing TV signals, among others.

For home, a UPS will protect computers, peripherals, televisions, boilers and any other electronic and electrical equipment. For the company, UPS protects PCs, servers, storage systems associated with the internal network, access points and back-up systems.

In the IT Genetics offer you will find the simplest UPS models, such as the offline ones, which offer a time interval for the safe closing of the systems, the type line interactive, which also have the ability to stabilize the current or the online type, which performs a double conversion of the current, which ensures a maximum level of stability.