Document printers

Printers in this category are intended for use both in the domestic and business environment, they can print documents of various sizes (A3, A4), and according to the printing technology used, they can be classified into 3 major typologies: inkjet, laser and dot matrix.

Dot matrix printers (with needles) are used for documents that do not require high quality  of printing types such as tax invoices, receipts, etc. Matrix printers are the only ones that allow the simultaneous printing of 2 or 3 copies, by using carbonless paper.

Inkjet printers, with inkjet, offer superior results when printing images, have a medium to high speed, and can be purchased at more affordable prices than laser ones.  They can print monochrome or color, and some models can print photos on special photographic paper. Some of them are small in size, and can be used in the field.

Laser printers  they offer superior quality when printing texts, they are very fast and capable of printing a very large number of documents, which is why they are ideal for business environments. Most laser printers print in black and white, but there are also some color models.

Multifunctional are equipment that, in addition to a printer, also incorporate a scanner, a copier and possibly a fax.

Our online offer of printers is intended to satisfy the requirements of clients from various fields of activity. To identify the equipment according to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us!