Terms and conditions for the return warranty

The right of return granted by ITG Store is 15 days.
This is valid for both individuals and legal entities that purchased products from ITGStore.eu (IT Genetics SA).

In order to benefit from the return of products within 15 days, you must fill in the return form on the website, no later than the 15 -the calendar day from the date of picking up / receiving the product.
Forms completed after more than 15 calendar days are not taken into account.

Products can only be returned by the agreed courier service.
In the case of returns by courier, the transport costs are borne by the buyer and will be deducted from the amount to be returned to the buyer. It is the responsibility of the buyer to order the courier, fill in the AWB correctly and take care of sending the product to the IT Genetics warehouse (Strada Mehadia no. 43, Sector 6, Bucharest).
If more many products of the same kind, only one unsealed product can be returned, the rest of the quantity is accepted only if the products are sealed.
The returned products must be accompanied by the original warranty certificate and a copy of the purchase invoice.


Steps to follow:


1. Fill out the RETURN FORM or show up in person at our headquarters in in order to return the product.
2. After completing the form, you will have to send the product via courier to our headquarters. It is the responsibility of the buyer to order the courier, fill out the AWB correctly and take care of sending the product to the IT Genetics warehouse (Strada Mehadia no. 43, Sector 6, Bucharest).
3. We ask that at the time of shipment :
- Mention the return number on the transport document (the number communicated when filling out the return form);
- Attach a copy of the invoice and the original warranty certificate of the product;

Before sending the product, please make sure that a label containing the following information is applied to the package:

Sender address

Recipient : Depozit IT Genetics SA
Address: Strada Mehadia no. 43, postal code 060541, Sector 6, Bucharest
Return Number: ****

Replacement or return of the value of the products


Depending on the buyer's option, the money from the cancellation of the returned products can be used to buy another product or can be returned within a maximum of 14 days from the receipt of the product by ITG Store, in the account indicated by the buyer when filling out the return form.



The following categories of products cannot be returned:

a. Unsealed or consumed consumables;
b. Software licenses;
c. Warranty extensions;
d. Service packages;
e. Fiscal equipment.

Products in one of the following situations cannot be returned:
a. The product no longer has the complete original packaging in which it was delivered;
b. The identification labels of the product are damaged or missing;
c. Printers whose consumables were unsealed or consumed;
d. Activated OEM licenses (licenses pre-installed on notebooks or desktop systems);
e. Equipment from which the operating systems or other programs with which they have been uninstalled have been delivered;
f. The product was brought following a "preferential order". PREFERRED ORDER  is defined as a product ordered by the beneficiary and which is not in the usual stock of ITG Store but which can be delivered based on a firm order, in the terms agreed by the parties. ITG Store will inform the beneficiary if any of the products ordered constitutes a preferential order;
g. More than 15 calendar days have passed since the delivery of the product and the customer has not completed the return form;
h. More than 5 calendar days have passed since the completion of the return form and the product has not arrived at the ITGStore.eu headquarters.


In cases where the returned products have damaged packaging or incomplete, traces of wear, scratches, shocks, electric shocks, missing accessories or missing warranty certificates, we reserve the right to decide to accept the return or to withhold an amount from the value of the product, the amount that will be communicated after the assessment of the damages.
We also reserve the right to refuse to accept the return in case of abuse (for example: repeated returns).

If the return was refused for one of the reasons listed above or if the customer has shipped the product without first obtaining a return number by filling in the form, the cost of the transport back to the buyer will be at his expense.

The right of return within 15  days does not in any way affect the legal rights of return within 14 days in the case of distance trade.