Inkanto ribbons

Original Armor Inkanto Ribbons

It Genetics offers you a complete range of the best quality original Armor Inkanto Ribbons compatible with a wide range of Zebra, Honeywell, Brother, Citizen, Star printers or TSC.

You can choose from the 3 types of Armor Inkanto ribbons, respectively:

  • Armor Inkanto wax ribbons

  • Armor Inkanto resin ribbons

  • Armor Inkanto wax and resin ribbons

Armor wax-resin ribbon range Inkanto stands out for its high-quality performance and a wide range of applications, offering excellent results on lacquered paper, polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC. Labels printed with "wax-resin" type ribbons are resistant to water, very high temperatures and frost, as well as friction. This range is recognized for the exceptional quality of the backcoating, offering good protection of the printhead.