Seagull BarTender 2021 Professional, 1 printer

includes 12 months of standard maintenance and support, 1 printer license

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Bartender Professional is an advanced label printing software solution developed by Seagull Scientific. It offers an extensive range of functionality for creating, managing and printing professional labels and barcodes.
Here are some of the key features and functionalities of Bartender Professional:
Advanced label designer : The software includes a flexible and powerful label designer that allows users to create complex and customized labels. You can add barcodes, variable texts, graphics, images and other design elements. The designer provides advanced control over the appearance of labels, including text formatting, alignment, sizes, and graphic styles.
Data Management : Bartender Professional allows connecting to a variety of data sources, including databases, Excel and CSV files, web services, and more. You can import and use variable data to customize tags with specific information for each individual tag. You can also define display and formatting rules to manage data in a flexible way.
Advanced barcodes and graphic symbols : The software supports a wide range of symbols and barcodes such as Code 39, Code 128, QR Code, Data Matrix and many more. You can customize barcode parameters, including size, line width, code type, and verification features. You can also add images and complex graphics to labels.
Automation and Scripting : Bartender Professional allows automation of processes through scripts and programming interfaces (APIs). You can create custom scripts to automate repetitive tasks and integrate Bartender with other applications and systems in your environment.
Printer control and hardware integration : The software provides advanced printer control and supports a wide range of thermal and label printer models. It also offers integration with peripherals such as barcode readers and sensors to facilitate data capture and enhance tag functionality.
Bartender Professional is used in various industries including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, retail and more where professional and high quality labels are required. This powerful and flexible software solution enables users to create and print custom labels, streamlining labeling processes and facilitating efficient tracking and management of products and assets.
A printer is licensed through BTP-1.
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