Citizen System has been producing and selling printers since 1964. For more than 80 years , Citizen has been, and remains, a trusted source for providing high-quality printing solutions. The parent company, Citizen Group, is located in Tokyo, Japan. Citizen System still has offices in Hong Kong, China and the United States of America.

The Citizen group of companies and its employees strive, being a global leader in miniaturization and precision technology, to sculpt new products for its customers. Citizen Systems develops and markets POS printers , industrial printing solutions , label printers, portable thermal printers and serial matrix printers .

The printers produced and marketed by Citizen are compact and easy to use, standing out for their speed and resistance. Citizen was recognized as the "best in class " printer company because they cannot be easily surpassed by other printer models in terms of speed, compact design, power and effectiveness. These demonstrate their usefulness in various fields such as courier, transport, production, retail, logistics, hospitality, ticketing and in the medical field.
In addition to printing solutions, Citizen Systems also produces watch components, electronics and jewelry.

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