[ITGMS] Foork - Food Service Management System (FSMS) application

Food Service Management System software application for managing canteens within companies

[ITGMS] Foork - Food Service Management System (FSMS) application

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Foork (food at work) is an FSMS (food service management system) type application intended for the management of QSRs (Quick Service Restaurant or canteen) as useful for catering companies as for companies that use the services of a canteen. The application offers detailed supervision and visibility for the entire order management process.

The main benefits of using the Foork application are:

  • usable on PC, smartphone, tablet;
  • authentication is performed on the basis of card or user and password;
  • interfaces with different levels of access, optimized for touch displays;
  • multiple possible payment methods: cash, card, meal vouchers;
  • printing of fiscal and non-fiscal receipts;
  • effective cost control;
  • reporting in detail and in real time;
  • planning menus for different time intervals;
  • setting different prices for the components of a menu for variable periods;
  • establishing a permanent menu with fixed prices;
  • personalization of the content and structure of the menus;
  • creation of groups of products (individual or by category) with predetermined prices.

For catering companies, Foork is a complete and versatile solution, updated with real-time information. It provides an overview of the listed companies, the available products and the orders received. The software allows the creation of product categories, the addition of new products, the customization of menus, the setting of the payment method and the generation of different types of reports on customizable time intervals. For catering companies, the application allows for more efficient operation and reduction of losses caused by unsolicited offers, unfulfilled or canceled orders.

Through Foork , companies can provide employees with one or more meals. The application provides access to detailed information on costs, allows partial or total subsidization of meals and the establishment of the granting method (fixed amount or percentage) and allows the creation of menus and the addition of products that can be ordered. Multiple types of reports are also available for companies, so that they can effectively monitor costs.

Cashiers mediate the distribution of products to employees and benefit from their own interface. With Foork , I can immediately see the order history for each employee, what is needed for a location or an exchange, the accepted means of payment (cash, card, meal vouchers, etc.). From the application, you can perform operations for entering and withdrawing the amount, you can generate fiscal or non-fiscal receipts or other types of reports specific to cash registers, such as Z report, X report, periodic Z report.

For employees, Foork is an easy-to-access and use platform, with which they can order menus and related products, as well as a useful means of cost management. Depending on the method of organization preferred by the employing company, employees can enter the order at least 24 hours before, directly at the cashier, before the start of the work shift or any other agreed option.

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