Seiko Epson Corporation or Epson is a Japanese concern specialized in the production of inkjet printers, matrix, laser, thermal printers and POS, cash registers, scanners, video projectors, LCD and OLED screens, chips and integrated circuits, quartz devices, semiconductors , industrial robots and precision equipment . The company was initially known as a manufacturer of Seiko brand watches, today the portfolio of products and technologies is very diversified.

Epson carries out its operations in the world at the level of three product segments. The largest segment from the point of view of sales is that of equipment that processes information - printers (including matrix and large equipment), scanners, POS, projectors, LCD monitors, personal computers. Next comes the segment of electronic devices, consisting of small and medium-sized LCDs, HTPS-TFT panels for projectors, crystal oscillators, optical devices, CMOS SLI and the segment of precision devices – watches, corrective lenses, industrial robots, industrial inkjet equipment.

The efficient collaboration with Epson and the orientation of our activity towards satisfying the needs of customers has brought us a new degree of partnership, namely Color Label & Silver Partner 2020.

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